Great Product for lesser using keys on your keyboard and mouseclicks with your mouse, by just using a touchscreen monitor. In my case a ASUS Zen Screen 16“. Just getting closer to this application, but even after a week of usage I still need some time to dive deeper this product functionality it offers. So far, setting locators, start, stop, moving notes, quantizing lenghts, changing velocity ... goes very fast. Thanks to Stéphane offering this product and functionality. Keep up the good work. Looking forward.
Michael T. (artQuake)
What to say ? If you want to free yourself as much as possible from the mouse and return to these fundamentals which nature has endowed you with: VIEW + TOUCH you will make your Workflow a productivity steamroller. It is quite simply a logical and natural extension of your hand: The touch screen + the graphic interface (magnificent this by the way) will impose themselves so much on your way of working on CUBASE, that going back will be impossible. I never imagined to free myself at this point from the mouse and use more than 300 shortcuts (under menus? Forgotten ...) that this workspace offers. Canon price in addition which does not spoil anything. Thanks ZenDaw!
Sylwhan S.G.O (fURFX)
If you are looking for a way to increase your Cubase productivity, it is an excellent product that allows a touch screen to provide a graphical touch interface with shortcuts to the most common Cubase commands. Don't worry about remembering keystroke shortcuts, the touch workspace will show you icons that do the same but are graphically intuitive. Standard templates are included but you can also customize the screen to tailor the interface to your exact needs. Programmed by a musician who uses Cubase to produce his music, the product reflects a musician's perspective on solving the problem of increasing productivity without a steep learning curve for keyboard shortcuts.
Rawl G. (rawl747)
Best touchscreen control software for windows right now!!! We only need a touch screen monitor, as it supports different screen size, its up to us only. Its rock solid,doesnt install additional software, it is the most advanced touch screen control software right now, speeds our workflow so fast , it will keep on updating and the updates are completely free of cost. Those who use Cubase must definitely check this software.
GP Rakesh (Rakesh GP)
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